Everything you NEED to know about PR

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Everything you NEED to know about PR

It is undeniable that you can grow your brand and company exceptionally with effective public relations, however, not everyone is convinced. In this blog, I will walk you through everything you need to know about PR!

Public Relations or PR as we often refer to it is an essential marketing function.

However, it is often overlooked by smaller to midsized companies. This is something I can never grasp considering how powerful it can be.

I am not just saying this for selfless promotion; you can engage in public relations yourself without hiring my firm! That being said, it is beneficial to bring in a PR firm to consult on strategy and direction.

What is Public Relations?

PR is the consistent maintenance of an individual or corporate brand identity and their relationship with the public.

What you NEED to know about PR

Many people believe that PR’s main function is to acquire news coverage; however, I would argue that it is much more than that. Establishing a brand identity, accessing your current position and ensuring your message to the public is consistent, are all vital forms of PR that should be engaged in.

PR takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight... As with all good things, they take time to develop and shine. Be patient and strategic! Having an action plan will help ensure you are covering every aspect of your public relations initiatives; allowing you to measure each goal as it is reached. 

When you consciously engage in PR you must be aware that if done effectively, will result in increased attention and awareness to your brand/company. When this happens you must be prepared to deal with whatever that brings. Increased exposure brings public opinion into the mix, which must be constantly monitored and addressed. 

You need to care! If you are not passionate about your brand/company then why would anyone else be? Your passion is essential to your success! 

If you are interested in increasing your brand identity contact us, we will transform your relationship with your target audience! 

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