Public Relations Tips for 2016

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As we start 2016 there is a feeling of opportunity, we can start fresh and reinvent or re-position our brand, which is why we have provided you with our top three Public Relations Tips for 2016.

PR is consistently Evolving

One of our favourite things about public relations is that it is always changing and evolving. We are constantly learning from the challenges we encounter and those lessons are invaluable. As we move forward, we strive to reach the ever rising bar the public relations industry sets for us – strategizing new concepts, developing unique ideas and providing clients with exclusive opportunities.

While reflecting on the lessons learned from the past year, we created a list of public relations tips for 2016 that we believe will truly leave their mark.

TOP 3 - Public Relations Tips for 2016Public Relations tips 2016

Employee Engagement

Make employee engagement a priority this year!

Believe it or not this is the MOST important tip on our list. Employee engagement is a major issue that many businesses are facing – having a productive, committed employee is invaluable. It is essential you put energy into this, as your employees represent your brand and ultimately influence your bottom line.

Not only is employee engagement something you should be strategizing internally, it is also something that is newsworthy.  Journalists and the media are interested in how you are combating workplace issues and working with your staff to promote diversity. Establishing this will set your business apart from the competition. Regardless of your industry or business size, having engaged employees is something that every business desires, which is why it is such a topic of interest this year!


Don’t stick to the status quo this year, tell a story that matters!

Successful public relations is often defined by effective storytelling. When pitching or writing it is essential you become a brand ambassador, incorporate figurative language and metaphors whenever you can.

You MUST get people to care – how do you do this? Make sure your story is honest, to the point (short), evokes emotion, interest and has a positive, uplifting ending. The more you can get your audience to connect with your story, the more impact you will have.

Conquer Social Media

It is not enough to simply “be on” social media – be strategic!

We must accept the digital age we live in where everyone is connected at all times of the day and week. Considering this position, once you embrace it you will see how powerful social media can be. Your audience just grew exponentially. Are you seeing the dollar signs already? Make social media a priority in 2016 – make sure it is consistently and effectively managed. Even if that means hiring a firm to do so...a public relations service we offer!


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