New: Spotify Event Playlists Available!

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Spotify has unveiled its new event playlist music curation for those interested in event based music streams, called, Spotify Party. Spotify Party offers professionally created music playlists by DJs for your event enjoyment!

Event Based Music

Event based music is always evolving, with new genres and ideas being introduced. Elite Events explains Spotify’s new Event Playlists called Spotify PartyAs an event firm, we are always interested in new things that we can introduce to our clients. One of which is Spotify’s new event music playlist called Spotify Party. This is something you want to know about!

How does Spotify Party Work?

Spotify Party provides professionally mixed playlists for a variety of events and moods. For example, there are playlists for dancing, intimate soirees, to mellow artistic vibes. All of which can be customizable depending on what you are looking for.  There is even a custom playlist created by world famous DJ and music producer Diplo! How amazing would it be to have Diplo DJ your next event?!

Unique to Spotify Party, each song is blended together so there is a seamless transition from one song to the next. Not to mention you have the ability to change the mood and tempo by using the “mood turner,” which changes the pace and feel of your event music instantly. If you like playing DJ you can, by adding songs or mixing the song order, it is all available to you!

>> Watch the Video from Spotify

Music is an essential aspect of a successful event. With Spotify Party offering a new approach to event based music, we cannot wait to see if any of our clients will be interested in giving it a try. I know personally, it is something I would be interested in trying out at the office!

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