What does a PR Professional do?

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Often people ask me, “What exactly do you do as a PR professional?” The interesting thing is that my answer changes on the regular.

Working in PR

After years working in PR and studying it in school, I have seen thousands of definitions of public relations. PR is ever changing, it is a very dynamic field and that is why my answer evolves. what a PR professional does

Today I would explain my position as a PR professional as the consistent maintenance of an individual or corporate brand identity and their relationship with their target demographic (public). 

Working in PR I have numerous hats that make my job, as a PR professional so effective and influential 

Write, Write and Write some more

I am constantly writing copy, reworking and writing more copy. It is my job to be a strong communicator, both verbal and written. I have to critically review all copy to ensure it is branded effectively, concise and most important, free of errors.  My goal is to excel at writing, which is why I spend hours each day honing my craft.  

Build Relationships

As I mentioned above, my position is to ensure the relationship between the brand and the public is maintained, nurtured and mutually beneficial. As a firm, we are always looking for ways our clients can grow a stronger bond with their audience, the more relatable they are the more interaction there is.


Communicating is a passion of mine and I am always looking for the best way to express my thoughts and tell a story to my audience. Often I act as the ‘voice’ of a brand. To do this well, I must do research to fully understanding what that particular audience wants to know. Once I know that, I can effectively tailor the story, resulting in optimum engagement.

Crisis Manager

When issues arise, I step in calmly with a plan of action to mitigate the situation and help the brand move forward in a positive fashion. Ultimately, with clients I always recommend taking a proactive approach to crisis management!

I have to say, I am beyond passionate about this profession and being a PR Professional! 


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