How to work with a limited PR budget

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How to work with a limited PR budget

Many small businesses are working with a limited PR budget. Due to this we have created some helpful tactics to utilize when working with a shoestring budget!

No PR Budget? Don’t worry these 4 tactics will help!

If you can implement the following tactics and be consistent with them, you will see that you do not always have to spend money to make money. There are cost effective alternatives that can really leave a lasting impact, without touching your budget!

TACTIC #1: Blogging

Creating relevant content weekly for your blog can work wonders! If you can commit to posting at 1-2 blogs a week, you will see results. Not only with traffic to your site, but you may also attract the attention of trade publications or journalists. Publications/journalists are always looking for new, interesting content to feature, which is great for brand awareness and won't impact your budget.

TACTIC #2: Partnerships

Partnerships can be very powerful and mutually beneficial; be sure to find companies that compliment your brand. You can utilize Google Alerts, a free tool to see what is trending in your area and who is doing what. If you can demonstrate that your partnership will add value and you do your research, it will be difficult for them to say no!

TACTIC #3: Media Relationships

When you are operating a small business it is often difficult to have frequent ‘breaking news,’ which therefore makes it challenging to nurture relationships with journalists. Rather than frequent news updates, be strategic and cultivate relationships with a variety of media outlets/journalists. If you provide them with a solid article or blog and exclusive access they will be more inclined to feature your news.

TACTIC #4: Be Selective with Social Media

Having a social presence is essential to your PR and marketing initiatives; however, you must keep balance in mind. Don’t feel that you need to be on EVERY social media platform. Social media is time consuming, especially when done right. Take on one platform and do it really well - be consistent, post daily, engage your audience and when you feel you can take on another, expand. Believe me, having a social media account that you do not monitor frequently is much more detrimental then not having one at all. Helpful tip: use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to manage your social media platforms!

Remember with a limited budget you can still have an impact, but you must master the tactics above.


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