Tips for Planning the Perfect Event

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Events can seem overwhelming and tedious; however, if you take the time to organize your process it can make a normally stressful process more enjoyable.  Planning the ‘perfect’ event is possible, especially if you follow our recommendations and tips.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Event, Elite Events, OntarioWhere to start?

My two favourite things about events are, (when executed well) guests having a meaningful experience and how unique they are. With that in mind, it is important to keep your guests at the forefront of your planning.  

Tips for Planning the Perfect Event

  1. Set the date and send out save the dates – guests appreciate a little warning when it comes to events, especially if it is something special. This is your opportunity to start some buzz about your event – aside from the date, keep things vague, and leave a little mystery!
  2. Budget – the dreaded budget...set this ASAP, as it will have an impact on your planning process. Ironically, most clients are hesitant to share their budget – but you must get this from immediately.
  3. Venue – select the venue and put a hold on the date, try to hold the date as long as possible (during the decision making process). Venues book up fast, usually when you aren’t expecting it, so do this right away.
  4. Theme – everyone loves a good event theme! Be imaginative, try something different, this is where you get to really divulge into your creative juices; but remember this MUST be strategic, especially with a corporate event.
  5. Menu – food and beverage is one of the most important aspects of your event. Be sure to incorporate your theme into the menu selection and presentation.
  6. Music – is completely essential. I am always baffled when clients say they do not think their event requires music...YES IT sets the mood and it plays a significant role in the events success.
  7. Entertainment – this can be hired entertainment such as a performance, emcee or even an organized staff presentation – incorporate some form of entertainment into your event, as it is generally something guests will be talking about the next day.
  8. Audio Visual – very pertinent to your event; you want your guests to hear what you are communicating and see what you are showing them!
  9. Speeches – this is your opportunity to promote your message, hand out awards, say your thank you’s, etc. Ensure that everything is pre-planned, including speech writing – it can be very precarious having someone go “off the fly,” often something is missed.
  10. Feedback – find out what your guests enjoyed and what they didn’t, it will only help you plan a better event next time!

During the event planning process it is crucial to visualize how you want the event to go, remember to keep strategy in mind. We hope you have found our tips for planning the perfect event helpful, make sure you check back for more information!


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