How to Incorporate Social Media in your Next Event

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Incorporating social media into your next event will be invaluable! There are many ways to successfully merge live events with social media, which we have outlined for you with our top tips.

Establish Lasting Consumer RelationshipsIncorporate Social Media into your Event, Elite Events, Ontario

Partaking in event marketing allows you to establish lasting relationships with your consumers while creating an opportunity for strategic influence. We have established the best ways to integrate social media with events (at least we think so) – here is our list of tips;

Create Buzz

The more pre-event buzz you can create the better. Start online event promotion early; ensure you establish an entire social media campaign around this. Identify your biggest influencers and utilize them – they will assist you with pre-event awareness.

Once you have successfully created excitement and interest in your event, you will notice your audience will start interacting with you. This is a great time to engage in social listening; you can tailor your event social media campaign to the experience your audience desires. From there, you have the ability to start a dialog with your audience; ask them questions, facilitate contests – all of which will help build buzz.

Provide Opportunities to Share

It is safe to say while your guests are at your event, most will be using social media. Be strategic and provide them with an event hashtag and encourage their participation with a reward. If you provide them with opportunities to share, they will! For example you can advise that for every tweet with the event hashtag, they will be entered into a draw to win something. Or you can provide live photo shares incorporating both your social media and your guests.

Event Follow up

After the event finishes, keep engaging your guests - be sure to thank them for coming, share event snap shots, and memorable moments or quotes from the event even weeks later. By continuing post event follow up you are able to capture your audience and increase event/brand awareness.

If you effectively incorporate social media into your next event, you will be able to create a lasting relationship and experience with your audience, which therefore results in ongoing engagement opportunities.


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