The 2016 Social Media Survival Guide

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Without a doubt, one of the largest public relations influencers in 2016 is online presence. We have outlined our recommendations in our 2016 social media survival guide.

Efficient online brand reputation management will determine whether your company sinks or swims in this competitive online market.

2016 Social Media Survival Guide, Elite Events, Ontario

A website alone will not grow sales

It’s true; you cannot rely solely on a website to increase sales and market presence. Companies must strategically align all of their online initiatives through their social media outlets.

Be consistent in the way you package your brand, you want to keep your target audience coming back for more. Don’t forget to cross reference online and offline marketing initiatives – as this is a way to increase market presence.

Practice genuine engagement

Today, online presence is everything; however, just being online is not enough, you must be genuinely engaged. Be authentic and creative with your engagement. Regardless of how desensitized many have become due to digital saturation – people can ALWAYS tell when a post is insincere.

Do not just post for the sake of posting – you must have a reason or you will lose your audience.

Monitor your brand constantly

Be part of the conversation and engage in social listening. Customer feedback is invaluable, if you listen to what people are saying about your company you can evaluate and adjust your approach. Negative feedback may be difficult to hear, especially if you are the business owner, however, it will take your company to the next level.

We hope our 2016 social media survival guide helps you navigate the online world!

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