The Hottest PR Trends for 2016

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This year take your brand into your own hands! With our list of the hottest PR trends for 2016 – you will be able to strategically evaluate your PR initiatives and prepare yourself for your best year yet!

Each year we watch for trending PR tactics, as they influence our strategy and campaigns.The Hottest PR Trends for 2016, Elite Events, Ontario This year’s overarching theme is quality content that captures your audience. You have the ability to change your audience’s perception of your brand if you utilize our list of the hottest PR trends for 2016.

Develop your content – make it priority.

Traffic to your website should be the motivating factor when it comes to online content. With amplified reach through various social media platforms your content is extended more than ever before. You have the ability to influence those within and outside your social networks. At the end of the day - the more content you produce and the more distribution channels you use to push that content through will ultimately result in desired returns.  

Online reputation management is crucial to your success.

If we have said it once we have said it a million times – online reputation management is imperative in this digital age. It allows you to participate in social listening, gaining valuable feedback from your audience. Actively monitor each of your social media platforms, be sure each outlet reflects an accurate brand image and the message you want to express. When your audience/customers search your brand online they will appreciate the brand consistency and subconsciously be more inclined to trust and engage.

Don’t let online ‘haters’ control your online brand identity.

We understand that being online is intimidating – anyone can use a number of different social media platforms to say anything about anyone. By simply owning a business you open yourself up to negative online comments, all of which could hurt your brand reputation. However, it is how you choose to counteract this negativity that can save you. DO NOT ignore negative comments, as this can create a toxic downward spiral – instead tackle them head on.  Use content and educate your employees; the more they understand and appreciate your brand, the more they can help change the experience for those seeking out your product and increase the chances of providing a positive experience.

It’s about real influence not the number of followers.

Some brands and companies spend exuberant amounts of their budget ‘buying’ followers, to increase their online presence and hopefully their sales. Having a million followers doesn’t mean anything if they do not engage and support your brand. It comes down to the old saying, “it is all about quality not quantity” when it comes to online presence.

As we have mentioned before, PR is ever changing, which means you need to keep adapting your business tactics. We hope you can embrace our list of the hottest PR trends for 2016, as they will assist your company grow its competitive edge.


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