The Modern Rules to Smartphones use in Meetings

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Smartphones are everywhere and it seems that employers are constantly struggling with the appropriate time for employees to use them. As a result, we have outlined the modern rules to Smartphone use in meetings.

Depending on the corporate culture you are used to, you may have varying opinions on Smartphone use in meetings. Modern Rules to Smartphones use in Meetings, Elite Events, OntarioIn recent years there has been a shift, with some employers adapting new permissions for using cell phones in the work place.

New opportunities in this digital age

Considering this digital age there are so many opportunities you can use to integrate devices into your next meeting. Especially with regards to meeting content, employee engagement and social media – you should really take advantage of them!

Whether you agree or not, our culture feels the need to stay connected at all times – knowing this, we suggest you use it to your advantage. If your employees are discussing your business in a positive way online or taking notes on their smart devices it can work to your benefit.

Get them to connect with your online brand

At the end of the day when discussing online brand, the goal is always to increase engagement. In your next meeting get your employees engaged and incorporate an interactive piece into the agenda. For example, you could have them share something via social media, submit or answer questions online or even participate in a poll. All of which will have them interacting with your online brand. Not to mention, you will notice a shift in their responsiveness. 

Embrace the modern rules for Smartphone use into your next meeting – trust us, you will end up thanking us later!


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