6 Creative Ways to Promote Online Content

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Creating engaging content is only half the battle; once it is published we must then share it. If you are looking for creative ways to promote online content then you have come to the right place!

Engaging content is an essential public relations function, especially when it comes to effective social (digital) media strategy. 6 Creative Ways to Promote Online Content, Elite Events, OntarioThe challenge is, after we create the content and post it online we must then figure out unique ways to promote it.  We understand how difficult this can be, which is why we wanted to share some of our creative ways to get your content OUT THERE!

6 Creative Ways to Promote Online Content

RSS feed

Have an RSS feed set up on your blog, this will allow avid followers/subscribers to share and connect with your content.

Email marketing

Utilize your marketing list! Many companies send monthly e-newsletters, be sure to include your latest blog posts (when relevant) in each campaign. Also, when possible add a ‘blog subscriber’ button so that those who want to receive an email whenever a blog is posted can!  

Package it right

When you are going to promote your content via social media, ensure you package it and include all the necessities...

  • Title – use engaging titles, keep things interesting and when needed USE THIS.
  • Hashtags – use relevant hashtags, as they make finding your content easier.
  • Posts – when posting be sure to use different quote and lines from your content to entice people to read. Not everyone will be captured by the same line, so keep it fresh and even incorporate a question/poll.

Connect content to past content

When you are writing content, incorporate past blog links – only when relevant. If your content has captured the reader, there is a high probability they will want to read other articles you have created – lead them to it!

Keep sharing the content

Generally, we share content for up to two months (if pertinent), as we are always looking for new ways to share past content, while promoting new content.  

Incorporate social media advertising

We must remember that social media (in particular Twitter and Facebook) should not be viewed as free anymore – it is an advertising platform, with reach being the goal. If you want to get your content out there, we strongly suggest you integrate social media advertising into your strategy.

Remember, do not just publish your content and move on, you have to work at getting your content out there. We hope you found our 6 creative ways to promote online content helpful!


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