The Significance of Logo Integrity

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As a business professional it is essential you understand the importance of brand consistency in relation to your company’s logo integrity.

Your company logo represents everything your company stands for.

It may sound a bit dramatic to some of you,The Significance of Logo Integrity, Elite Events, Ontario but your company logo truly is the sole image that represents everything your company stands for. Not only does it represent your corporate brand identity, it also lends to your credibility as a company.  

The miss use or modification of your logo should not be tolerated. I often use this example with my clients – “Think of your logo as the equivalent of a picture of your mother (or someone meaningful) - if someone were to tear your picture, it would hurt you. That is exactly how you should feel when someone miss uses/alters your logo.” Some examples of common logo modifications are the changing of colours, rearranging the structure, making it too small – just to name a few.

The significance of brand consistency -

Not only does the modification of your logo undermine your branding efforts, it actually hinders and impacts its message to customers. Resulting in customers feeling confused (even if it is subconscious), which ultimately leads to feelings of distrust.

This is the direct result of customers being exposed to varying brand identities – without the consistency you have a confused audience.

That is why it is essential you take control of your brand and ensure it is consistently represented correctly; leaving your customers feeling confident in the quality of your business.

The longevity of your brand -

The consistent representation of your brand identity (logo) will result in the strengthening of the value and equity of your brand. Furthermore, the continuing effective implementation will ensure your company logo’s integrity is sustained for years to come.


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