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Elite Public Relations understands the value of Corporate Social Responsibility, especially pertaining to reputation and public opinion; we offer our services throughout Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Engaging in social good beyond your direct interests.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is when a company engages in an initiative to further social good that is beyond their direct interests. In addition, it includes embracing responsibility of all corporate actions while promoting the importance of having a positive impact and investment on ones community and environment. 

Elite Public Relations has seen the mutually beneficial outcome that engaging in CSR has on a brand identity. We will provide new opportunities and ideas, while ensuring these initiatives build positive public awareness, while creating social change and authentic lasting connections.

Generating a sustainable brand identity is paramount!

An effective CSR strategy includes elevating and creating a sustainable brand identity, one that is rooted in positive social change. However, equally as important is the ability to measure your impact and turn that into financial return and positive association. 

Elite Public Relations offers a variety of social responsible practices and impact management tactics. 

Ensuring your company has a sustainable brand is a major function of effective Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Practices & Impact

  • Speaker & media training
  • Evaluate impact
  • Provide strategy
  • Internal and external Stakeholder assessment
  • Stakeholder communication strategy & development
  • Crisis & issues management
  • CSR Campaign development & implementation
  • Digital media review & integration
  • Research industry & tactical opportunities

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