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Elite Public Relations can manage your public reputation with our media relations services, available in Ontario.

Corporate Media Relations, Ontario

The key is knowing, what to do, and what to avoid.

Our goal is to ensure our clients reputation and public perception is positively reflected in the media.

Considering the influential position the media has over the public, implementing a media relations strategy is vital to the success of a corporate or individual brand.

Pitching quality news updates, headlines and stories to the media will generate action, reaction and ultimately positive brand recognition.

Providing valuable media communication tactics and training. 

Elite Public Relations also offers training on how to interact with the media; from how to communicate a message effectively, to what emotional response is required, to how important your facial expressions are.

We can assist you in building your communication skills so that you are prepared to interact efficiently with the media.

The media has a very influential position over the public; making media relations an essential part of your overall corporate success.

Media Relations Services

  • Media pitching
  • Intensive media training with key staff
  • Employee training: advising behaviours in maintaining corporate brand identity online
  • Media speech preparation
  • Assessment and development of corporate brand key message
  • Crisis and issues management services
  • Social responsibility services
  • Digital media services

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